Pooya Software Switch

Users increased use of electronic payments has confronted banks, PSPs, and other institutions, dealing with card services, with a great load of financial transactions. Therefore switch software systems that are mainly responsible for the management of these transactions, should be able to provide;


  • High efficiency and rapid response to transactions
  • 24/7 client customer service
  • Monitor payment terminals
  • The smart management of transactions in order to increase efficiency

Considering the needs of the banking network and also relying on years of experience in the field of designing and producing e-payment systems, as well as, using the latest information technology outcomes, Pooya has developed the Pooya Banking Switch System. Some of the features of this system include:

  • Covering payment channels with common standards, such as NDC, ISO8583
  • Ability to employ different baking messages with abbreviated formats
  • Connecting to switches such as ‘Shetab’ and other banking switches
  • Connecting to the Host System in banks in order to have access to customer accounts
  • Ability to support more than one Host, along with defining a channel for them
  • Supporting different connecting protocols such as X25 and TCP/IP
  • Supporting standards cryptography algorithms using different HSMs and SSMs
  • Supporting XML