Pooya Smart Locker


For several reasons, the number of parcels people send and receive has considerably increased in the recent years. This has made the need for evolution in the methods of sending and receiving parcels inevitable. Pooya Smart Locker is a state-of-the-art product that has enhanced postal services dramatically.



With the help of this product, customers can receive their parcels at any distribution place across the city they wish at a desired time appropriate to their daily plan.

The sender or carrier places the parcel inside one the compartments of this self-service smart locker, where the consignee can pick it up from later.

The consignee goes to the place, enters the goods barcode, and enters a one-time password she / he receives each time for this purpose. The compartment where her / his goods are stored in will get unlocked automatically. The parcel is at her / his disposal instantly.


Pooya Smart Locker can be installed in places like companies, universities, sport complexes, residential complexes, Metro stations, railway stations, airports, and shopping malls, where citizens, internet shops, organization, and bureaus can enjoy its modern services.




  • High accessibility
  • High security
  • Ease of use
  • 7 x 24 services
  • Compartments in various dimensions
  • Various methods of payments



  • No need for presence of the consignee at the time of delivery
  • Less cost will be borne by post service companies due to fast delivery
  • High speed and accuracy in delivering parcels
  • Enhanced services
  • High security due to one-time and unique code generated for each delivery
  • Delivering goods at the customers desired place at any time round the clock.