Financial Transparency System

The same as other countries, the central bank of Iran has started step-by-step moving towards deployment of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

To equip banks in this step-by-step move towards IFRS, this knowledge-based system is so designed that, once new standards announced, in the shortest possible time and with almost zero cost, banks can migrate to IFRS by just changing system settings, with no need to programing.



  • Flexible against change of standards
  • Makes central management of financial operations possible
  • Smartness in reporting financial information





  • Reduction of the cost of changes in the banks systems, consideringthe need for change after change of standards
  • Reduction of the cost of change in the systems of the companies that are members of the banks group, considering the need for change after change of standards
  • Considerable reduction in the time needed togenerate financial reports according to IFRS
  • Financial transparency by smart recognition of the place where each transaction is displayed at the time it performs, by setting business rules in the system