The Pooya self-service branch

The “Pooya self-service branch” is an innovative, revolutionary, and yet affordable solution in today’s banking industry. It is the outcome of years of experience and efforts in designing and developing banking hardware & software products. The branch offers a variety of integrated electronic services in retail banking, while supporting common communication protocols. As a result customers receive faster services, and the cost of banking operations reduces dramatically.

 Benefits for banks:

  • Considerable decrease in ownership costs in comparison to other solutions (20% at least)
  • A wide range of presentable services, depending on the installation location and bank requirements
  • Increasing service locations without the need for any human resources.
  • Increasing the speed and convenience in customer services while replacing traditional branches
  • Configurable, symmetric, and modular ATM stands
  • Portability
  • Enhancing the level of security in providing services
  • Considerable reduction in banking operational costs.
  • Setting up the self-service branch in a fixed container and occupying less space
  • Setting up the self-service branch in a portable container and offering mobile services


 Client benefits:

  • Satisfaction in receiving secure and reliable services
  • Receiving most of the services offered in traditional bank branches at a higher speed, self-service in a relaxing and convenient environment
  • Customers have direct access to banking experts and consultants 24/7
  • Saving clients time and money needed to reach a branch and time to wait in long lines
  • 24/7 access to retail bank services, including check cashing

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 The Pooya Branch services

The Pooya self-service branch is composed of a set of ATM stands, each offering a certain type of service as described below. Any combination of the stands can be installed in the container, depending on the bank needs. The services can be modified later, upon request.

  • The Virtual Teller Machine (VTM): Check operations (cashing and depositing), opening accounts, etc
  • The local currency deposit stand: Depositing cash, transferring funds, etc
  • The local currency dispense stand: Withdrawing cash, transferring funds, etc
  • The foreign currency deposit stand (Exchange Machine): Buying major currencies and issuing a debit card with the equivalent amount in the local currency, following full authentication
  • The foreign currency dispense stand: Selling major currencies and accepting debit cards with equivalent amount in the local currency, following full authentication
  • The bill payment stand: Paying several bills in one pass
  • The card issuing stand: Issuing printed personalized cards, Selling gift cards, gold coins, and Selling any type of goods in the form of bank cards, Charging various types of contactless cards such as Metro cards, etc


 Using the VTM, customers can instantly cash checks issued by the same bank or deposit checks drawn on other banks. Considering the fact that check transactions services have the highest demand amongst other services (such as opening accounts), this new design will definitely meet client needs.

The VTM stand

Online and mobile banking have had many advantages for banks and clients such as decreasing the number of clients going to branches to make transactions. However since some banking transaction services require the customer’s physical presence in the branch for authentication, there has been less focus on the automation of these services. But thanks to the Pooya VTM stand, now it is possible to authenticate customers remotely.

A variety of banking services are presented through the Pooya VTM, such as opening account and making check transactions.

  Check transactions services:

  • Live video & audio communication between customers and the remote bank service center
  • Step by step customer guidance
  • Remote customer authentication by three means; banking cards, national ID cards and customers biometric signatures
  • Taking customer checks automatically and depositing them into their accounts instantly (in real time)
  • Depositing the checks drawn on other banks into the customer account
  • Providing customers with a scanned image of both sides of their check
  • Capturing customers biometric signatures and creating a resourceful data base in time



The local currency dispense stand

Due to the high volume of the cash in hand in the country, it is expected from the banking network to automate cash depositing into accounts as much as possible and provide this 24/7 service to customers. In this respect, Pooya has implemented the Pooya deposit stand to meet client needs.

The Pooya Deposit Stand is made of the most efficient and high quality software and hardware equipment and provides customers 24/7 convenient services and eventually a pleasant experience.




  • Distinguishing and accepting different types of Iranian banknotes denomination, including Iran checks, and depositing them into customer accounts instantly (in real-time)
  • Accepting installments in cash or by taking it out of the customer’s debit account
  • Fund transfers (card to card, card to account, Satna, Paya)
  • PIN changes
  • Providing account balances upon request
  • Providing short statement
  • Other services related to cards and PINs



Deposit cash into your target account at the “Pooya Self-Service Branch” through the Pooya Deposit Stand and enjoy its rapid, accurate, and convenient services.


The local currency deposit stand

By using their bank cards, customers can withdraw cash at this stand, the same way as they do at traditional ATMs.




  • Cash withdrawals, using bank cards accepted by the national switch network (Shetab)
  • Accepting installments from accounts connected to the banking debit card
  • Fund transfers (card to card, card to account, Satna, Paya)
  • PIN changes
  • Providing account balances upon request
  • Providing short statements
  • Other services related to cards and PINs




The foreign currency deposit stand (Exchange Machine)

Easy access to local currency is the main issue for tourists who visit Iran. To help Iranian banks play their role in the development of the tourism industry, Pooya has designed and produced a state-of-the-art exchange machine. At this self-service stand, customers can deposit banknotes of major currencies and in return receive a bank debit card with the equivalent amount in the local currency.The customer can put a batch of mixed banknote denominations of major currencies into the machine, such as Euros, US dollars and Canadian dollars. After checking the exchange rate table and accepting the exchange, the debit card is delivered to the customer . This debit card is accepted in all ATMs and POS terminals across the country. Customers are authenticated by their passports.



  • Displaying an exchange rate table
  • Authenticating customers by their passport
  • Buying foreign currency and dispensing debit cards
  • Re-charging issued cards
  • Providing account balances
  • PIN changes

 Managing the services

  • Managing the exchange rate table by updating it from a remote Exchange or bank center at any time
  • Applying minimum and maximum limits for customers, transactions, currencies
  • Reading passport data automatically
  • Authenticating customers by their passport




The foreign currency dispense stand

One of the customer banking needs these days is buying foreign currencies. The Self-service stand has been implemented and designed to fulfill this need and customers can access the system 24/7. Customer identification is done through banking cards, passports, and national ID cards. Customers are required to use their debit card accepted in the national switch network (Shetab), to buy foreign currency. The customers insert their Shetab card, enter their PIN, check the exchange rate table, select the currency they intend to buy, and enter the desired amount. The machine asks the customers to put their passport/ national ID card at the scan port, and then the machine scans the data, automatically, deducts the equivalent amount from the customer’s card and delivers the purchased currency.




  • Authenticating customers by their passport
  • Displaying the exchange rate table
  • Exchanging Foreign currency and delivering a Shetab card with the local currency to customers
  • Providing account balances
  • Providing short statements


Managing the services

  • Managing the exchange rate table by updating it from a remote Exchange or bank center at any time
  • Applying minimum and maximum limits for customers, transactions, currencies
  • Scanning passport data automatically
  • Authenticating customers by their passport/ bank card/ national ID card



The bill payment stand

Bill payment is one the most high quantity transactions in retail banking. Even though a lot of bills are paid through the Internet, Telephone and Mobile, a considerable number of them are paid at bank branches, teller windows or banking self-service kiosks.

Some of the innovative features of the bill payment services at the Pooya self-service branch are as follows:

  • Customers no longer need to access other ATMs like the deposit or dispense stand
  • Less depreciation of other banking self-service machines.
  • Customers have the option to pay several bills in one pass, and therefore receive faster services
  • Customers save time waiting in long lines at teller windows
  • Attracting more customers, and therefore increasing system productivity



  • Paying bills using the barcode or entering the identification code manually
  • Paying utility bills (water, electricity, gas, and telephone bills)
  • Paying bills issued by organizations such as tolls for passengers leaving the country
  • Paying municipality bills
  • Paying installments by debit cards ( accounts connected to customer cards)
  • Other services related to cards and PINs


Card issuing stand

One of the other services offered to customers in bank branches is managing banking cards such as card renewals and reduplications which requires the personal presence of clients. Considering the fact that the number of banking cards issued in Iran has exceeded 200 million, consequently customers running banking errands in person has increasing. The card issuing stand at the Pooya Self-Service Branch has been designed to reduce the need for the physical presence of customers in traditional branches and therefore saving them time and money. This stand offers three types of different services:



Issuing banking cards using the card printer

This section of the system is not only able to print on the card body but can write on the card’s magnetic stripe or encode on the card chip. Some applications of this system are as follows:

  • Issuing bank cards or gift cards with the desired customer amounts.
  • Renewing banking cards or issuing a replica


Selling any goods in the shape of a bank card

Using this innovative and unique service, customers can purchase different products delivered in the shape of a banking card. Payments are done through customer debit cards and there’s no need for encoding or printing on the card body. These products include:

  • Gift cards with specific amounts
  • Metro cards with certain charge amounts
  • Gold coins with card packaging


Contactless cards services

This section of the system is able to read contactless cards and write on them and therefore provide services such as:

  • Charging contactless cards like metro cards
  • Reading contactless cards and offering desired banking services