Separ (Shield) System

Supervision and instant fraud detection of banking transactions

By analyzing and comparing transactions with predefined rules, Separ System detects and announces whether a transaction is genuine or suspecious to fraudulent, without any side effect on the process speed.

Separ is equipped with an effective and dedicated operational dashboard for online reporting the statistics of the resources status, transactions status, system events, deviation from standards, and other analytic information.


The most important goal in crime prevention is to instantly detect fraudulent transactions and to take online action to prevent them.




  • Having a rich database of predefined patterns of fraud
  • Capability of defining new desired rules by combining logical basic rules
  • Capability of applying regulations and restrictions set forth by Central Bank and other supervisory entities
  • Capability of sending quick alerts in various ways
  • Capability of defining simple, combined, and complicated rules
  • Capability of computing the time needed to perform a new rule as well as the delay it causes to run a transaction, prior to executing the new rule
  • Capability of activating and deactivating any of the rules
  • Capability of defining and allocating reaction to each event
  • Capability of defining blacklists and whitelists
  • Using distributed processing and clustered management of resources