Pooya VTM

The development of electronic and remote banking services over the past few years has reduced customer visits to bank branches, has reduced branch transactions, and has brought many benefits to the bank, the customer, the environment, and … . Also, the reduction of transactions has actually made some branches non-profitable for the banks, and if they are closed, the manpower and location of such branches, which cost the banks a lot, will be released. Despite of the benefits, since some essential services like cashing checks, opening accounts, issuing cards, etc. – due to the need for face-to-face authentication with the customer -, require applicants to visit the bank branches in person, these services are sometimes an obstacle to make such decision.


Pooya Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) is the right solution for offering the services that require customer authentication. It can offer such services remotely and make it possible for the banks to close their non-profitable branches and substitute them with it.


Outcomes for banks:

  • Offering a vast number of services that require customer authentication, remotely
  • Extension of bank service time around the clock
  • Releasing non-profitable branches and reducing service costs



Outcomes for customers:

  • Round the clock access to more banking services such as cashing check, opening account, and card issuance
  • Live video conference with bank tellers and consultants any time around the clock



Competitive advantages:

  • Made in Iran: This device is fully designed, developed and integrated by Pooya.
  • Customization: Pooya can design and offer this product according to customer needs.
  • Cost effective: The cost of commissioning and support of Pooya VTM is much less than similar products and therefore it is an economic choice for banks.




General capabilities:

  • Setting up a remote support center in the banks, with the capability of audio and video conference with customers around the clock
  • Remote authentication of customers in four levels (banking card, national ID card, biometric signature, and fingerprint) with meeting security aspects
  • Making an appropriate database of customer biometric signature and her / his fingerprint, over time


Banking check services

  • Receiving customer’s checks and instant depositing the amounts of checks of the same bank to their account, or depositing the checks of other banks to the customer’s account
  • Delivering customers a printout receipt containing the images of back and front sides of their deposited checks


Opening account:

  • Receiving customer original authentication documents such as birth certificate, National ID card, and Passport; taking the images of them and verifying the originality and validity of the documents via communicating with relevant systems such as the online system of the Civil Registration Organization
  • Opening account, delivering tracking code and printed receipt, and issuing various cards


Other features:

  • Capability of design and implementation of other services banks may ask for




By implementing an innovative solution, Pooya has activated in its VTM counter the possibility of instant depositing the amounts of checks of the same bank and depositing the checks of other banks.

Since the demand for depositing check is tens of times more than the request for other services (such as opening account), this plan will for sure achieve public appreciation.