Hosha System (chat bot)

Hosha system is an intelligent communication center and a reliable solution in the digital transformation of banks and other institutions and organizations with an effective and pleasant experience for customers and contacts.

Supporting various communication channels such as telephone, e-mail, Internet, social media, application program, and … is a key strength of this system.


Using chat bots instead of using traditional methods of communicating with contacts is an urgent need and inevitable.



  • Save on administration costs of communication centers (less human resources, and less office equipment and supplies)
  • More customer and contacts satisfactions (facilitating and improving answers to questions)
  • Less expense for tracking the contacts obligations (reminding the obligations when contacting each contact)
  • A tool for marketing products and services (personalized proposals for each contact)



  • Intelligent, precise, instant, and personalized answers to the contacts’ questions in various fields.
  • Intelligent search in different regulations of organization
  • Intelligently perception of user emotions in addition to perception of subject matter of the questions and the meaning of the sentences
  • Capability of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and intelligent comprehension of formal and colloquial sentences
  • Equipped with State Machine algorithm used for learning repetitive interactive scenarios
  • Self-learning to improve functions over time
  • Capability of referring calls to operator in case of need