Zarpardaz (Gold Coin Vending Machine)

Growth and development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has so evolved the life style of citizens in different societies that, with the aim of maximizing the use of ICT in daily life, the governments are planning to establish smart cities in order to enhance the quality of life and the level of satisfaction of their citizens.


Relying on its long term experience in making banking self-service hardware and software solutions and In line with its social responsibility, Pooya has designed and developed the “Gold Coin Vending Machine” to contribute in making the idea of “smart city” more real.

Zarpardaz is a self-service machine that helps citizens buy different types of gold coins any time round the clock. In this device, the price list gets updated instantly from the center.

Customer can first check the list and prices of the deliverable types of gold coins and  select the coin she/ he wishes to purchase. Then she/ he pays the price of the selected gold coin by her/ his “Shetab” banking card, and finally receives the gold coin along with an elegant envelop as well as the payment receipt.

The machine offers two models of luxury pockets at the customer’s choice.



  • Customer satisfaction of receiving pleasant and automatic services
  • Audio and video assistance of customers in every and all the stages of the purchase
  • Accepting all types of “Shetab” banking cards
  • Possibility of precisely checking the operations in case of any discrepancy
  • Managing all aspects of the machine operations from one center
  • Round the clock services



  • Selling four different types of gold coins including: Full Bahar, Half Bahar, Quarter Bahar, and One-gram gold coins
  • Offering luxury pockets in two models
  • Providing purchase receipt
  • Application program for central management of the price list
  • Application program for hardware management and balance control of the gold coins
  • Recording operations logs
  • Anti-theft security mechanism for protecting the safe of the gold coins
  • Generating reports from the machine operations


Zarpardaz won the golden plate of the 4th National Iranian Top Product Innovation Festival and won the title of “Top Iranian Product Innovation in 2019”.