Pooya at a glance

Founded and registered in Tehran in 1982, Pooya Co. Inc. is a hundred percent privately owned company active in the design and development of computersystems and banking automation solutions.It benefits from about 200 human resources, mainly software, hardware and electronics specialists. Among the Iranian IT companies in private sector, Pooya has always been one of the tops. It is one of the founders of Informatics Society of Iran and Iranian ICT Guild Organization (IIG).

The long term and valuable experience as well as the deep understanding of Iranian banks’ local needs, have enabled Pooya to obtain all the required capacities for the design and development of banking systems. To offer the best possible services, Pooya uses the most efficient software development methodologies, architectures and tools. Believing in quality and relying on its expert human resources is the key to Pooya’s dynamism.



  • Ethics

Respecting ourselves, our team members, and clients with a high spirit is the most obvious aspect of professional behavior in Pooya.

  • Integrity

Our client’s confidential information remains safe in our hands. We are proud of being trusted.

  • Responsibility

Responsibility towards the clients, Informatics industry and the society, is the most important attribute of our profession.

  • Quality

The quality of products and services has always been of high importance. By deploying experienced human capitals and conducting suitable and efficient work processes, we step toward quality confidently.

  • Knowledge

Up-to-date knowledge of information technology and banking business is an effective and vital tool in assisting us to create brilliant outcomes.

  • Creativity

By providing our intelligent, motivated and endeavoring team members with the right environment, we have been able to flourish creativity in our company



  • Up-to-date knowledge and over three decades of successful presence in IT industry
  • Deep understanding of banking business
  • More than two decades of actual experience in the design and development of comprehensive banking automation solutions and offering IT products and services to Iranian banks
  • Capable and motivated human capitals
  • Wise and loyal clients
  • Highly efficient products suitable for local needs
  • Devoted and high quality client support
  • A safe, joyful and inspiring atmosphere for team work.
  • Innovation and being pioneers