Research and development

R&D is a vital factor to the dynamism of every industry and the key to an innovative company’s success. The R&D department is one of the most active departments in Pooya, which performs under the direct supervision of Pooya’s president. Many of Pooya hardware & software products are designed, prototyped, and reliably tested at this department before finding their way to the manufacturing plant.


The following are some of Pooya’s recent R&D products:

  • The Pooya Banking Switch System that is adapted to the latest standards and fulfills clients local needs.
  • The Cash Deposit ATM; capable of receiving cash and checks
  • The Pooya Exchange Machine; capable of buying and selling foreign currency
  • The Pooya Cash-in /Cash out ATM; capable of receiving and dispensing cash
  • The Automatic Card Dispensing Machine, capable of dispensing different types of cards.