Software and hardware solutions are living systems, which need to be kept maintained & updated and modified & enhanced as required, in order to meet ongoing client needs. Organizations such as banks have sensitive driven procedures and therefore, consistent support is vital to them.

Pooya aims at offering excellent client support, by setting up an independent call center, allocating professional experts, and utilizing safe operations. All client requests are immediately recorded in the Pooya support system upon being received, and given a reference number. All further operations can be followed up with this number and the different units of the company will have access to the records. Also the management of Pooya will be able to monitor the state and quality of support.

With more than three decades of experience in offering computer maintenance and support, here are some other highlights of Pooya’s support services:

  • An experienced network of representatives countrywide
  • 24/7 Client support
  • High quality client service
  • Monitoring and auditing the support procedure
  • Following work ethic guidelines